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the great shipwreck of life

we can swim forever

lazy snake
1 October 1986
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23 years old, fumbling about the shallow end of the real world. i could be and am going to be a lot of things, but right now i'm too much of everything and a whole lot of nothing. i feel stuck most of the time, i write to find my way out.

this journal is almost completely open, feel free to watch.

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12 monkeys, 30 seconds to mars, a perfect circle, adult swim, aldous huxley, aliens, angelina jolie, anime, anne rice, apocalyptica, bernard-henri levy, bill hicks, bishounen, black comedy, boa, boondock saints, brad pitt, british glam rock, buddhism, chris corner, christina ricci, cirque du soleil, clamp, clarity, comic books, contentment, control, crossdressing, damien rice, dance, david fincher, death to smoochy, denzel washington, depeche mode, diaros de motocicleta, dior, dogma, dune, edgar allen poe, ego, electropop, ellen von unwerth, ender, enlightenment, equus, evolution, existentialism, fashion, fight club, film, film festivals, fiona apple, firefly, fleetwood mac, frank miller, franz ferdinand, goldfrapp, gorillaz, guitars, h.r. giger, hard candy, harry potter, helena bonham carter, his dark materials, hocus pocus, homoeroticism, humanity, iamx, jared leto, jazz, jhonen vasquez, johnny depp, joss whedon, kieran culkin, kill bill, kmfdm, ladytron, latin music, led zeppelin, lonelygirl15, m. night shyamalan, maithuna, man on fire, manga, mario testino, mark romanek, masturbation, men, metric, momento, movie scores, murder by numbers, mythology, nail polish, narcissism, neil gaiman, nihilism, nine inch nails, october 1st, orgasms, orgy, our lady peace, philosophy, photography, placebo, poetry, precision, prose, provincetown, psychology, qotsa, quentin tarantino, reservoir dogs, ryan gosling, sartre, satire, se7en, sexuality, shaun of the dead, she wants revenge, silence of the lambs, sin city, slash, sleepy hollow, sneaker pimps, stalking people, stan rice, stand up comedy, stockholm syndrome, sunna, tantra, tennis, the internet's for porn, theater of the absurd, tim burton, tool, tori amos, tricky, unrequited love, vampires, viggo mortensen, voltaire, william shakespeare, women, world domination, world/inferno friendship society, writing