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i'm only in this twilight

i come here when i have too many thoughts for a tumblr post. plus i don't really like doing personal stuff there

so big shit is happening. i think. hopefully. because i told office team that i won't be in to work on monday, so i better have somewhere else to be. i went for an interview maybe a month and a half ago for quest engineering. one of my relatives passes my resume around through the pratt & whitney channels, and it got to them. the job i actually interviewed for went away, but they emailed me last week saying that they wanted to offer me another position which is pretty much the same thing but for a different project. not interview for, or apply for, but offer. as in i have a job. a permanent job. that'll come with sick days and vacation days and health insurance. and its in east hartford. i'm kind of flipping out.

however, they want me to start monday, the 18th. i tried to get my acceptance letter and documentation to them as fast possible, though that was hard being that i had been working 9 to 5 at a place with no reception and no email access. background check took until friday, i got another email from them with my I9 forms and all that which i need to do before my first day so i'll do it sometime this weekend. and i kept emailing them and asking, "what are the hours? when do you want me in on monday?" and they never answered. so i could just sleep in on monday, and wait for them to call me, or plan to go there around 9:30 or something. i know from experience when on a new project, that getting there bright and early often means you're waiting around for an hour and half while someone tries to figure out what to do with you. sooo i don't know. but in any case, i'm not fretting too much about it. i've got the job, i sent them enough emails, its not my fault that wouldn't tell me when to come in.

meanwhile, another big event happened, and that is the last harry potter film. which i have not seen, and have no idea when i'm going to see it. i felt bad about not going to the midnight showing, however afterwards realized it would have been packed with sobbing harry potter fans, and i don't know if i would want to be around that. seeing it a couple weeks out might actually be a good idea. and i've been totally avoiding reviews (though i did just check rotten tomatoes for the rating, which is 97% holy damn, but that's it). so i don't know what i'm gonna do, and i don't know if i'm going to be a sentimental mess and it won't be a big deal at all.

and i feel really good these days. my weight's going down, even though my size doesn't seem to be. my midsection feels tighter though, like it stays in place regardless of what i eat or my bad posture, which is a good feeling. and my cellulite has been disappearing, i'm crediting pilates with that. i think i might try tai chi next. or ballroom dancing.

anyway, it seems like july is consistently a good month for me.