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is it bad that i'm actually kind of happy to be unemployed for a little while? the problem with temp work, aside from the instability and lack of health insurance, is that there's no vacation days. i can't really plan for time off. so when i'm between jobs i have every intention of taking advantage of it. i can go shopping, schedule some doctor's appointments, get some more writing done, finally finish a book for once, and of course apply for jobs. there's a lot more interesting jobs than there were six months ago, but less than there were a month ago when i first got dumped from prudential. i had got two call backs a coupe weeks ago, which kind of blew my mind. neither worked out - one pulled an unexpected interview on me over the phone, i was eating lunch and totally not prepared; the other said they'd email the next day and they never did. *shrugs* there was a moment where i felt a little lost on my last day this friday, but its since passed. of course, employment is a priority, i'm in the market for a car and as soon as i find a good deal on the make i want, its going to happen. i'd like to have a salary to support that decision.

meanwhile, i saw sucker punch friday night with tyler. not his kind of movie at all, he found the whole thing cheesy. i enjoyed it, it was far from perfect, and i got kind of bored with the talking parts, but the stylization was really cool, and it was fun seeing zack snyder direct something original. you really got to see his style come through more distinctly. and plus, i'm happy to have supported an action movie with female leads on its opening night, even if i had to brave the idiocy of the 7pm tween crowd to do it.

i'm rather glad that last job is over. it wasn't terrible, but i definitely didn't like the situation, i'm pretty sure they didn't train me fully because they knew they were going to be hiring someone else and would have to train them all over again. there wasn't much to do - i spent most of my day on tumblr, searching through feminist blogs. i've learned more about how many "ism"s out there that make the world an uglier place in the past month than i ever thought i would. as such i've been writing quite a bit more in my own blog, and with a little cross promotion, the traffic has gone up significantly. my first post on criminal minds has gotten over a thousand hits (my second post on the subject actually resulted in a dip in traffic, oh well). all this awareness has made slightly more self-conscious of all my ideas, but at the same time i know it'll make me a better writer and be able to contribute more to the world. its better than being useless.