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so there have been a couple shake ups since i last posted. i think literally the day after, i got the call from the temp agency that the 18th would be my last day. hey, at least we got some advance notice, which was both a good and bad thing. good so that plans could be made, not that i'm any good at that. and bad because i and the ten or so of us that would also be leaving had pretty much nothing to do for that last week. one guy actually stopped coming in (i was informed that, in fact, he'd been rehired to temp for another department, so clearly absenteeism didn't bother them much). they ended up letting us out before noon that last day, as soon as we had cleaned up our desks. so once i got home and ate lunch, procrastinated a little bit, i called up good old office team to let them know they could me back on the books until i could find something more permanent. turns out, they had a long-term gig they needed to fill, so i had new job before dinner that day.

a week later exactly, the computer had progressed to mind-numbing degree of slowness, so dad finally placed an order for a new one which he had been mulling over for a while now. within a few hours after that, the computer crashed for good. funny how these things work. thanks to my external, i only lost a few things that i had downloaded recently such as buffy season 8 and the pretty little liars books. and a little bit of writing i had done, but most of that was either written out or saved to my email. so now i'm on a brand spanking new computer and it is delicious. i'm becoming so much more productive, because i can actually do shit without the damn thing giving up on me. plus, windows 7 is pretty slick looking. its so much easier now to waste time, my butt is going to start going numb.

other than these changes though, its been a pretty dull week. i haven't gotten out much - my primary source of entertainment, tyler, flip-book boy, is still at prudential and also stressing out about an entrance exam he has to take for uconn. and the new job is a lot lonelier than the old one, front desk rather than integrated with a group, less people my age. so i've been craving some human interaction. so if there's anyone in the area who still reads this, hit me up, lets see a movie. maybe i'll sign up for latin dance classes at the community center.

been trying to read more, just finished some scott mccloud and now have started a book about the early culture war against comic books. i've gotten active again on okcupid, don't know how well i'm doing. there's a very interesting guy from massachusetts, don't know if that's at all realistic. there's a guy in a polyamorous relationship, which may be a good thing for me right now, like dating training wheels lol. and now the fling from last summer has started messaging me again, and i'm not sure why. i mean, it should be obvious why, but its been small talk for over a week now, you figure if he wants something he'd come out and say it. he did say that he had been experiencing some social anxiety, which started after we stopped "hanging out," mostly around women. i can't imagine why, maybe i actually managed to get through to him somewhat. of course, i never wanted to do him any damage (well, yes i did, but i never thought it possible). so maybe he's trying to retrace his steps, try to figure out what went wrong. don't know if i'll be able to help him with that.