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i've been really wandering away from livejournal lately. all my random thoughts end up as facebook statuses. i even started a tumblr. but i'm still holding off on twitter, i'm sorry, i already have too many feeds to keep track of and tweets are only for famous people who actually have someone listening. but i'll probably always have an lj account because there are so many great things to keep track of on here. i just need to remind myself to write.

i felt obligated this time because i always write after christmas. the highlight of the day was the doctor who christmas special on bbc america, which was wonderful, i enjoyed it so much. as for gifts, i got a nice velour track suit from uncle dan and ana which i happen to be wearing now (though i'm still looking at some on victoria's secret, i still have store credit that i need to use). another pair of coach shoes, this time in brown, very pretty. a new coat, though its probably a little too big on me and, like the track suit, is gray. my goth (ha) days really left a legacy, mom is still shocked when i wear pink. oh and i got a gps, which means i no longer have an excuse to get free rides from people lol. but. but i really just wanted the 4th and 5th seasons of criminal minds. i really did. i guess the logic was that that was something i would buy for myself with the money i was given. gone are the days of wishlists - everyone wants to surprise you. its ok. i'm enjoying the velour.

so something interesting happened to me this week. i came in thursday to work to find a pack of post-its on my desk that were not mine. you're probably wondering how i could tell this, well they were obviously used and in some kind of disarray. my first reaction was "wtf who the hell was at my desk." at which point i picked it up and realized it was a flip book. i've tried a couple times to film it with my phone, but turns out that home made flip books generally look terrible on camera phones (plus i can't flip it and hold the phone at the same time. not very well anyway). so trust me when i say it was very cute. the night before had been a tad emotional, so the gesture first thing in the morning was touching. but by the end of the day i was starting to feel a little irritated about the whole thing. it was one of those moments where you feel impatient and undeserving at the same time, a little hard to explain. but i went to the gym and sweated most of that angst out, and friday i didn't think much of it.

then yesterday, christmas, i got a message on facebook from my flipbook sender, explaining himself and apologizing for the slightly stalkerish behavior (imagine! someone apologizing to me about being a stalker). it was a kid who was training in the room adjacent to where i work. red hair, gauges, often wears vests and bow ties. in short, the only guy i've seen at work that looks like i could possibly have anything in common with. i looked at his profile and saw that he was friends with vidal, and i immediately ran upstairs to interrogate him on the matter. there was a moment where i considered not letting everyone in the house in on this odd little interaction that i was experiencing, but fuck it, i needed to know about this person. he apparently went to school with vidal's girlfriend, and they know a lot of the same people. crazy. so i messaged him back saying it's all god and generally to make conversation and that's where it is now. *shuffles feet* maybe i'll start following him on tumblr.

anyway, i watched the runaways just now because i do not have a book to read, we are snowed in and there isn't much else to do. it was a good movie, and it put me in the mood to listen to kittie. yeah. i'm listening to the latest album now. i like it, its very classic metal, they did not fall into the emo trap in the ten years since i bought their first album. but damn i wish i had a book to read. i requested let the right one in from the library, but its not in yet. would've been extremely appropriate considering the weather. speaking of which, i both hope for a snow day tomorrow, and don't. because as much as i do not want to go into prudential, especially when i have to climb trap falls rd to get there, i'm probably going to be just as bored as i was today. man, and i really wanted to do some post-christmas shopping. maybe i'll just continue with my buffy rewatch.